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BFI partners with Campanella to start new program in Chicago, IL


Starting January 2012 International children’s fund Bright Future International (BFI) launches project “Everything Real – to Children” in Chicago, USA.

The fund has been providing help to children in Russia, Panama, Rwanda, Kenya and other countries.

The mission of BFI Fund is to help children develop most important human and spiritual qualities: compassion, feeling of self worth, humility, desire to help others, social skills. These are the qualities that are not taught in conventional schools and are deficient in our society.

BFI Fund finances number of projects geared towards children’s after school education, bringing a solution for developing high moral and spiritual qualities in children. This is accomplished through thorough selection of teachers and coordinators that possess these qualities themselves.

Launching the new Chicago project is a continuation of the project “Everything Real – to Children”, enabling children of all ages and diverse social status develop those qualities in educational centers; game methodology will be used to develop team-building skills. BFI Fund and Campanella plan to attract highly professional teachers to work at the Center, teachers that possess real calling for working with children, and have the talent to do it.

Launch of this project in Chicago will start with Gala concert that will be held on January 21, 2012. This will be a unique music event where all genres will be represented: from world stars of ballet, to Metropolitan Opera singer, to famous singers and performers from Russia. This is the first event of this scale in Russian-speaking community in the USA. It suits the name of the project “Everything Real – to Children”, because performers will demonstrated to children the valuable lesson in appreciation of beauty in form of art.

We invite everyone to participate in this project and attend Gala concert that will be sponsored by BFI Fund. Without doubt, the process of spreading joy and positive energy to every one of us will bring to our World more light, love and kindness!

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