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Fall Semester 2017 is Now Open For Registration

Fall Semester 2017 is Now Open For Registration
August 22, 2017 through January 14, 2017 
Make up days: January 9, 2017 – January 14, 2017
No School: November 21, 2017 – November 26, 2017 and December 23, 2017 – December 29, 2017
Updates and Changes

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new classes to the roster:

Yoga for Children and Russian History with Geography
Due to circumstances beyond our control including rent increases and a decrease in donation income, tuition prices did increase this semester.
Registration fees are now included in tuition and you will not be charged separately.
If you are planning on applying for financial assistance through the Campanella scholarship fund you must complete the application form in full and submit to no later than Friday August 4, 2017. Please be aware that you will not receive any hardship discounts or scholarships until you have completed an application and been contacted by Marianna. Please click here to view the application.
To view our class schedule, click  here
To enroll, click here
The deadline to pay your account in full is August 31, 2017. Accounts not paid in full by this date will be charged a mandatory late fee of $20.00 and will be subject to further collections if the account remains unpaid. PLEASE NOTE THAT STUDENTS WITH UNPAID BALANCES PRIOR TO THE FALL SEMESTER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND CLASSES UNTIL THE BALANCE HAS BEEN PAID IN FULL.
If paying by check or money order please mail your payment once you receive your invoice. It’s important to write the invoice number and your child’s name in the “memo” section on your check. We also ask our instructors to take attendance, which will help us better monitor our class size and those children attending. Please remember that no cash payments will be accepted and Marianna will not accept checks or other forms of payment in person.

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