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Kid’s Yoga and Science Workshop for 6-7 y/o

Instructors: Alla Shvartser , Deanna Lee 

Children will be introduced to fun facts about the clouds and do series of experiments:

The science class instructor, Alla, will talk about how do clouds stay up, what clouds are made of, how clouds are look like on other planets and more.

Children will look at these types of clouds: cumulus, cirrus, stratus, nimbus, cumulonimbus, and nimbostratus.
They will do an experiment and make the clouds. Kids also will learn about Hydrosphere, phase of water, water circle.The kid’s yoga class will also be connected with the theme about nature, water and fire. This class will also be focused on improvement of the focus, the mindfulness, and a body strength.The workshop will last 2 hours on Saturday, April 7.

The workshop schedule:
Science workshop—— 1:30-2:30 PM
Kid’s Yoga——————-2:30-3:30 PM

Campanella will provide light snacks. The fee for 2 hour workshop is $15.

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