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The Dreams of Robert Desnos Concert Order Tickets Online

Concert The-Dreams-of-Robert-Desnos-2017-03

Campanella Children’s Choir (Intermediate level of the  choir), under direction of Marianna Kosaya, will present musical-literary composition based on the poems by French poet Robert Desnos and music by Jean Wiener.

Narration by Mikhail Sytchev and musical accompaniment by the Chicago Trio (Diana Kofman (piano), Nataliya Chernysch (violin), Irene Schweizer (cello), stage design and visual support by Irina Ratner and Tanya Ilina.

Saturday, May 6, 5:00 PM at St. Giles Church (3025 Walters avenue)
Ticket price is $5 per child , $15 per adult, and $30 per family (2 adults and all kids)

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