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Welcome to Campanella Children’s Choir! We are excited to have you as part of our team. Campanella Children's Choir is open to all children who have a passion for singing and are willing to work hard to improve their skills. 

We believe that every child has the potential to contribute positively to our group, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristic. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination, bullying, hate speech, or any behavior that makes others feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment where all members feel respected and valued, and where everyone can focus on their love of music and performance. We ask that all members and their families uphold these values and show kindness and respect towards one another at all times.


Regular attendance is essential to the success of the choir and is required for all rehearsals and performances. Members are expected to attend all in-person and online rehearsals and scheduled performances to ensure the success of the choir as a group. Each member is required not only to know their part but also to actively contribute to harmonizing the whole song through collaborative effort.


Students and parents/guardians are expected to:


  1. Commit to regular attendance at rehearsals and performances.

  2. Arrive on time and prepared with necessary materials.

  3. Actively participate and contribute to the choir's success.



Come prepared and ready to learn, as each rehearsal builds upon the previous one. Show respect to your fellow choristers by paying attention and actively listening, even when it is not your section singing. As there are different voices and parts in the choir, it is crucial to remain engaged and learn from each other. This will help us all to work together and create a cohesive sound. If you must miss a rehearsal, please inform the choir director in advance. 


Our choir director regularly posts music and practice materials to help singers excel in their singing endeavors. Please check communications from the choir director regarding posted music. We strongly recommend practicing at home to reinforce what is learned during rehearsals. By dedicating time to practice and engaging with the provided materials, singers can enhance their skills and contribute to the overall success of the Campanella Children's Choir.


We may participate in various events and festivals throughout the year, and parents will be informed of these opportunities in advance. We ask that parents ensure their child's timely arrival at these events. During travel to events and festivals, all members are expected to behave appropriately and follow the guidelines set by the choir and the event or festival organizers during travel and performances.

Students and parents/guardians are expected to:


  1. Arrive five minutes before the start of the rehearsal prepared with a music folder, pencil, and a bottle of water. Keep the music folder organized and up to date.

  2. Be respectful and attentive, follow the directions of the choir director and stage crew.

  3. Use the bathroom before or after rehearsal or performance.

  4. If tardy, wait by the entrance until you receive a sign to come in quietly without disrupting others. Leave the class after the words "the rehearsal is over." Notify the choir director as soon as possible if unable to attend rehearsal or event.

  5. Leave all electronic devices outside of the choir rehearsal room.

  6. Strive to practice at home, check and complete assignments.


We encourage members and families to support and encourage Campanella singers in their musical endeavors. It is important to remember that each member of Campanella Children’s Choir is at a different stage in their musical development, and their ability and progress can be supported and nurtured through positive interactions and collaboration. We encourage parents to provide positive reinforcement and praise for the children’s efforts and progress.

Members should be open to feedback from the artistic director. We kindly ask that criticism is given and received respectfully and with the intention of helping the member improve.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying of any kind in Campanella Children’s Choir. Members should treat each other with kindness and respect at all times. If you experience or witness bullying, we encourage you to report it to the artistic director or another staff member immediately.


Students and parents/guardians are expected to:


  1. Provide support and encouragement to all choir members in their musical pursuits.

  2. Refrain from criticizing any singer's performance or abilities, and will instead focus on offering positive reinforcement and praise. Recognize the value of constructive criticism as an integral part of the learning process and pledge to be open to feedback from the artistic director.

  3. Understand and will uphold the choir's zero-tolerance policy against all forms of bullying, and I commit to treating all members with kindness and respect at all times. Promptly report witnessed or experienced any form of bullying to the artistic director or another staff member.


We ask that children come dressed appropriately to rehearsals and performances. Modest and appropriate attire is required at all times: no revealing or tight clothing for girls, no excessively baggy clothing for boys.


For concerts, each choir group will have specific attire requirements. It is important to remember that the way we present ourselves on stage reflects the professionalism and dedication of our choir. Therefore, it is essential to follow the dress code as directed by the choir director, including appropriate shoes and hairstyles.


It is parents/members responsibility to dress appropriately for the events. Please make sure the concert attire fits before each semester. Notify the choir director immediately if you need to order a new set of concert attire.


We appreciate your support and ask that you be respectful and courteous to all choir members, staff, and volunteers. We invite parents to join us as volunteers during events and performances to help our non-profit organization thrive. Your support is greatly appreciated!

At the beginning of each semester, we welcome suggestions for repertoire and other aspects of the choir. We value your input and will listen to your suggestions, but please do not insist on implementing them. 

The artistic director determines each member’s voice type based on their individual abilities and vocal range, and has the final say on all artistic decisions, including repertoire selection, casting, concert attire, and performance scheduling. 

We ask that parents refrain from criticizing the performance, stage appearance, repertoire, or any other aspect of the choir on the day of a performance. Instead, we encourage parents to wait at least 24 hours after the performance before providing constructive feedback to the choir director. 


Parents/guardians are expected to:


  1. Be respectful and courteous to all choir members, staff, and volunteers.

  2. Commit to considering volunteering at events and performances to support the choir and its mission.

  3. Encourage children to practice, perform, and actively participate in choir activities.

  4. Understand and accept that the artistic director makes decisions based on each child's ability and the choir's best interests. Accept the artistic director's final authority in decisions concerning the choir.

  5. At the time of rehearsals will not enter the rehearsal room unless invited by the choir director.

  6. Understand the importance of open communication and will refrain from criticizing any aspect of the choir on the day of a performance. I will wait at least 24 hours after the performance before providing constructive feedback to the choir director.



Participating in events and festivals is a core aspect of Campanella Children's Choir's journey. Photos and videos play a crucial role in promoting our choir by capturing these memorable moments. They not only allow us to relive the experiences but also share our musical excellence with a broader audience, inspiring others to appreciate the transformative power of music in the lives of our young choristers.

By registering their minor child(ren) to any Campanella course or lsson, parents/guardians agree to:


  1. Grant permission for their child(ren) to participate in photo-taking, filming, and video recording activities organized by the Campanella Children's Choir. They understand that these media may be used for promotional or educational purposes related to the choir.

  2. In consideration of the safety and well-being of their child(ren) during choir activities, absolve and hold harmless the choir's employees and volunteers from any potential injuries or claims that may arise.

  3. For field trips, grant permission for necessary first aid to be administered to their child(ren) if needed. In the event of a medical emergency, the Campanella Children's Choir staff is authorized to promptly contact paramedics to provide medical treatment and transport their child(ren) to the nearest hospital and attempt to contact the parent(s)/guardian(s) or the emergency contact provided at registration.



Effective communication is essential for our choir's success. 

We use WhatsApp and email as channels to connect with parents. Your timely responses are especially crucial for time-sensitive inquiries, such as travel arrangements for events. If you have questions about events, rehearsals, or anything else, please reach out. 

We're committed to providing quick responses to keep you informed and confident in your child's participation. Your active engagement is vital in maintaining a harmonious choir environment. 


Students and parents/guardians are expected to:


  1. Check emails and Whatsapp messages regularly, and answer questions promptly.

  2. Immediately notify the artistic director about any changes of circumstances that may affect choir



Registering for any type of lesson or class at Campanella indicates that the registrant and their student(s) have read and agreed to adhere to the principles outlined in the Children's Educational Center Campanella's Code of Conduct.

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