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Spring 2020 registration now open

Grades 6-12

Instructor: Marianna Kosaya


The Concert Choir is trained to perform at a professional level. Choristers achieve excellence in musicianship, develop personal character, and gain leadership skills.


Singers will perfect their ability to produce a musical phrase, emphasize vowel production and blend, learn to control and nuance tone quality, and perfect the ability to control breathing when singing complex repertoire. They develop vocal and musical skills through the rehearsal and performance of many different styles of music: classical, world music, gospel, jazz, and improvisation. 


Throughout the season Concert Choir has recording opportunities and perform in front of large audiences and in prestigious venues. 

The Concert Choir is open to students in grades 6-12, and in some cases to younger students that demonstrate the interest and ability to get a more intense musical training. PREVIOUS MUSICAL EXPERIENCE IS DESIRED.

One semester is 18 rehearsal weeks long, 2 rehearsals per week, plus 4 to 6 mandatory dress rehearsals on Sundays before the concerts. One make-up class at the end of the semester, please refer to academic schedule. ​​​Minimum 6 performances per year on the stage of St. Giles Church, the Museum of Science and Industry and other locations, TBD.

A full year (2 semesters) commitment is required.

Concert Choir academic tuition: $505/semester


Academic tuition covers registration, accompanist(s), sheet music and folders, technical support, and home concert participation fee.

Concert attire is required for an additional fee.


Travel concert participation are not covered by tuition and may require an additional fee.

Payments are available in two installments of $505 per semester, or full payment of $960 for two semesters reflects a 5% discount.

A sibling discount of 10% will be applied to the lowest tuition within the family.

Campanella accepts electronic online payments and checks. No cash payments, please. Registering parent/guardian will receive an invoice with payment instructions within a week from registration. 

A late registration fee of $25 will be added to invoices if registering on or after the first day of the semester. However, for new students only, the tuition will be prorated to the actual start day of the student.

CONCERT CHOIR: Wednesday 6:15-7:30 pm
AND Saturday 10:00 am - 12:40 pm

Fall semester: 08/24/2019 - 01/17/2020

No classes 08/31-09/06, 11/28-29, 12/24-1/3.

Make up classes 1/12-17/2020.

Spring semester: 01/18/2020 - 06/06/2020

No classes 03/24-29, 04/11-12, 05/23-24.

Make up classes 6/02-07/2020.

Register your child(ren) to Campanella Concert Choir program


No payment is needed at the time of registration, you will receive an invoice from Campanella accounting within a week from registration.

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