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At this unexpected and unimaginable time, we hope that you and your family are keeping safe, healthy, and connected. Supporting the wellness of our whole community is a duty that we all share, now more than ever.


To this end, we have made the difficult but prudent decision to cancel the remainder of our 20th anniversary performance season. Cancelled programs include our April and May performances; our first annual Chicago Spring Waters youth choral festival along with the National Anthem performance at the White Sox game; end of season Gala concert; our all-choir June picnic; and the all-time favorite Campanella musical summer camp.

Through this grief, Campanella remains focused on staying connected with our choristers, our families, and our community. We are responding with positivity, creativity and hope, as we believe our young people to be strong and resilient.


At Campanella we believe that opportunities for artistic growth and creativity are extremely important for development of young thinkers and doers. Campanella's main goal during the quarantine lockdown was to keep students creative, connected, and motivated.


There were definitely some unexpected benefits of virtual rehearsals:

Singers receive individual voice coaching, focus more on their own sound, self-reflect on how they can improve and self-correct by using the SmartMusic program.

Because the camera is focused on the choir leader’s face, singers are able to see instructions more closely than they ever would have in rehearsals, and attention to detail became a new standard when working on vowel shapes, sound production, breathing, and more.

More emphasis is put on music theory; younger students are engaged in virtual musical games, and classical music listening and appreciation.

In the days and weeks ahead, we will be continuing our music, art, and language education programs virtually. Through the use of interactive online conference platforms, we will continue to meet with our choirs in small groups. Using the technology and incredible dedication of our Choir Director, Campanella will come even closer to our students, keeping them motivated, engaged, and connected.

Our goal for the remainder of the 2019/20 season is to rehearse and produce a number of virtual choir pieces, which will be presented to the families at the end of the season virtual concert.

We are looking into options for creating "Summertime at Campanella", a virtual summer program for Campanella students which will include music appreciation, solfeggio, art, musical games, and singing lessons. Stay tuned for details!


While we can’t predict how and when this health crisis will abate, Campanella makes all efforts to stay resilient and strong. We look forward to sharing news of our 21st season with you, including how we plan to extend the milestone of our 20th season so that we can still celebrate together, in the weeks (or months) to come.  

We know that the arts offer comfort, compassion, and warmth to all of us. Now more than ever, we are heartened to remember that collaborative music builds and demonstrates some of humanity’s best virtues - compassion for one another, resilience, and our ability to hold one another up toward achieving our best together.


Our organization is not afraid of hardship, and together we will overcome this challenge, enormous as it may seem.  We deeply miss sharing our music with you, and we’re looking forward to meeting again (hopefully in September!) for our 21st season, Music Without Borders.

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