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Our Mission

    Campanella is on a mission to erase borders between the diverse backgrounds within the community, promote tolerance, acceptance, and mutual understanding.

    Singing together and listening to each other help choristers learn how individual efforts can contribute to the group's success. ​It teaches them to understand, accept, and support each other's differences while working cooperatively as a team.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

Campanella's Unite Through Music Philosophy

Campanella Children's Choir and Educational Center unites children of different backgrounds on a wonderful path to artistic growth. For 20 years Campanella Children's Choir has been working on preserving and exhibiting the cultural and ethnic heritage found within a diverse community of Chicago suburbia. As the choir grew from small group of singing toddlers to an award winning choral ensemble, the close embrace of diversity became a core part of Campanella Educational Center, with a main goal to help children find and develop their artistic individuality through music, arts, and teamwork. 


In general, a choir is a true example of the "all for one and one for all" work pattern, because here, like nowhere else, team performance depends on everybody's contribution and responsibility. One of the most important lessons children learn at Campanella is that only a truly united team is a key to both collective and individual success. Campanella's choral education philosophy helps children find their own unique voice within the choir while supporting others, requiring attentive listening among children as well as creative cooperation. 

Our Method
Our Method

At Campanella, we bring the choir's approach of creative cooperation to other aspects of artistic education 

As part of Campanella's Unite Thru Music program, students from diverse cultural backgrounds learn and grow together in a cooperative and stimulating creative environment. At Campanella, children perform songs in many languages - English, Russian, Spanish, French, Czech, Yiddish, Italian, African Bemba and Xhosa, and more. It teaches them to understand, support, and accept each other's differences while working cooperatively as a team. 


In addition to choir and solo singing, Campanella offers drawing and painting, art appreciation and art history, music drama, music theory, theater writing and staging, creative stage movement, and themed parties and camps. Our diffusing program is designed to culturally enrich children in the best traditions of classical education. The unique combination of our classes and clubs prepare kids to become creative leaders in the future life. 

Our Culture
Our Culture

With an honorable goal of cultural education, Campanella is a true replica of the great American melting pot

Campanella is not affiliated with any religious confession. Currently, the Center is located inside of St. Giles church, and we are grateful for this opportunity to erase borders between the diverse backgrounds of our members while promoting tolerance, acceptance, and mutual understanding. United under one roof of St. Giles, we promote the world's musical culture by participating in local and national choir festivals, cultural programs, and events.


Campanella's worldwide repertoire includes classical and modern songs, folk music of all continents, and opera. Children of American, mixed, and immigrant families from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Korea, Mexico, and other countries sing and learn together in an open atmosphere of cooperation and support. 


Campanella instructors are a group of like-minded professional educators and volunteers on a mission to discover and unfold children's natural creativity and talents, and help them reach their full potential. Careful attention is paid to kids with special needs, so they feel accommodated within the choir and able to reveal their creativity. 

Our Community
Our Community

An active part of the community, Campanella helps unite it through music

Campanella's concerts and performances have a significant cultural impact on the community. Choir performances at St. Giles fill up the church four or more times a year, giving a unique cultural experience to the Wheeling, Glenview, Northbrook, and surrounding communities. 


Invitation concerts at Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center gather a significant audience of holocaust survivors and their descendants, bring voices of the new generation to the museum, and give children a priceless opportunity to feel their heritage. 


Annual Christmas concerts at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry are kids' favorites because of the fantastic combination of a big-audience performance and a full day of museum explorations with family and friends.


Campanella Children’s Choir actively participates in Chicago JCC events, gives nursing home concerts, and participates in national music festivals.


Campanella hires professional musicians for top choirs concert accompaniment. Semi-annual live music concerts with hired musicians and big screen show of art masterpieces gain popularity among Campanella students, their families, and the community.

Our Projects
Our Projects

Campanella's projects combine creativity with a very limited budget 

From past years to the very recent days, Campanella Children's Choir has conceived, rehearsed, and performed a long list of singing and music drama performances. A great success was the January 2019’s concert “Spin Around the World”, featuring folk music and enacted folk tales from Africa, North America, Europe, and Latin America. Getting ready for the concerts and shows, children have many opportunities to express their creativity and train their leadership qualities, while working together on artistic concepts, techniques, and idea execution.


In the future, we hope to fulfill a number of wonderful projects that involve singing, acting, painting, and stage directing. Campanella's creative plans are only harnessed by our limited budget. Still, staying within tight financial boundaries never stopped us form planning and fulfilling many exciting projects. 

Why We Need You

A non-profit organization, Campanella exists for the sake of art, with a focus on choral singing 

In order to fulfill our mission we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. 

To keep attendance fees affordable to families, and to be able to provide scholarships for those who need it, Campanella needs your help! Premises rental, special equipment, additional rehearsals, costumes, transportation, etc., etc. can not be covered by the student's tuition. 

Your generous donations will allow Campanella to broaden children's cultural horizons, help them culturally enrich the community, and become intelligent, wide-educated leaders of the future America.


Every donation makes a difference. Help Campanella change the world into a better one. 


Thank you in advance for your support!
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