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Our Mission

Campanella is on a mission to dissolving borders among diverse community backgrounds. We cultivate children's ability to find harmony within themselves, with others, and in the world. Singing together teaches our choristers to value individual contributions, fostering understanding, acceptance, and support for each other within a collaborative team environment.

Our Philosophy
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Our Unite Through Music Philosophy

For over two decades, Campanella Children's Choir has championed artistic growth, uniting diverse backgrounds in Chicago's suburbs. Initially focused on cultural preservation, it evolved into an award-winning ensemble, making diversity central to Campanella Educational Center. Our primary goal is nurturing children's artistic individuality through music, arts, and teamwork.

At Campanella, we embody "all for one and one for all," emphasizing each member's contribution. A key lesson is the value of a united team for collective and individual success. Our choral education encourages finding a unique voice within the choir while fostering attentive listening and creative cooperation.

Our Method
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Our Method

Campanella's Unite Thru Music program unites students from diverse backgrounds in a creative environment, showcasing songs in various languages to foster understanding and acceptance. Beyond singing, we offer diverse artistic experiences, rooted in classical education, preparing children to be future creative leaders.

Folk tales presentation
Our Culture

Our Culture

Campanella, a cultural education hub, embraces the American melting pot ethos, independent of religious affiliation within St. Giles church. Grateful for this inclusive space, we strive to break down cultural barriers, promoting tolerance and understanding. Under one roof, we celebrate global musical culture through festivals and events.

Our diverse repertoire spans classical, modern, and folk songs, uniting children from American, mixed, and immigrant families. Led by passionate instructors, Campanella nurtures creativity and talents, providing special attention to kids with unique needs, ensuring they feel accommodated and empowered.

Concert at Chicago Science and Industry Museum
Our Community

Our Community

Campanella unites the community through impactful concerts at St. Giles and cultural events at renowned venues like the Illinois Holocaust Museum and the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Engaging in Chicago JCC events, CSO concerts, and national music festivals, our semi-annual concerts with professional musicians captivate both students and the wider community.

Concert and Harmony Choirs

Campanella Programs for All Ages:


Children develop musical appreciation, sing in tune, articulate major vowels and consonants, practice proper breathing, and enhance rhythmic coordination through engaging age-appropriate activities, including playing simple percussion instruments..


PRELUDE CHOIR: grades Pre-K – 2

Children develop musical appreciation, singing in tune, and articulation by listening to their own voice and the choir, guided in proper breathing and rhythmic coordination through age-appropriate activities.


HARMONY CHOIR: grades 2-5

Choristers explore musical expression, self-esteem, and healthy singing habits, while also delving into optional music theory covering fundamental elements such as notation, rhythm, scales, key signatures, intervals, chords, and introductory melodic and rhythm dictation, alongside ear-training and sight-singing skills. 


CONCERT CHOIR: grades 6-12

Concert Choir participants undergo professional-level training, refining musicianship, personal character, and leadership skills. Singers get in-depth knowledge and experience in musical notation, rhythm, scales, key signatures, intervals, chords, melodic and rhythm dictation, ear-training, sight-singing, and more!


CHAMBER CHOIR: adult singers

Campanella Chamber Choir is a small group of special choral instruction for adults. Campanella alumni and everybody who loves to sing are welcome to join the group. 



Campanella rt classes cover drawing and painting techniques, studying paint works of different epochs and styles.​ The time slots are organized so there will be no time conflict between choir and art classes.


ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS: Russian language classes

Campanella Russian language enrichment classes offer an enriching exploration of the Russian language and literature. Designed for various ages and levels, the program includes learning the alphabet, studying grammar, and progressing to orthography.


Spin Around the World

We Need You!

In order to fulfill our mission we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. 

To keep attendance fees affordable to families, and to be able to provide scholarships for those who need it, Campanella needs your help! Premises rental, special equipment, additional rehearsals, costumes, transportation, etc., etc. can not be covered by the student's tuition. 

Your generous donations will allow Campanella to broaden children's cultural horizons, help them culturally enrich the community, and become intelligent, wide-educated leaders of the future America.


Every donation makes a difference. Help Campanella change the world into a better one. 


Thank you in advance for your support! 

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