Choir Director

Campanella Founder & Choir Director since 2000

Marianna Kosaya

Marianna Kosaya was born in Kiev, Ukraine. As a child, she sang in the world-renowned Shchedrik children’s choir, which gave her a life-long passion for choral music.


Marianna studied at Kiev State Pedagogical University, graduating with an M.A. in Music Education and Choir Conducting. Upon graduating, she served as an accompanist at the University’s Department of Music. In 1994, Marianna immigrated to the United States, where she continued her music career.


In 2000, Marianna formed a children’s choir (at its inception, a small group of singing toddlers), which was to develop into what today is the Children’s Choir Campanella. Under Marianna’s leadership, the choir has become a competitive ensemble that performs widely throughout Chicago.


Moreover, the choir has inspired the development of the Campanella Children's Educational center, of which Marianna is the Artistic Director. Marianna maintains an active voice and piano studio, and collaborates with a number of Chicago musical ensembles.

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Diana Kofman

Diana Kofman has been Campanella Choir’s accompanist since 2009. Diana was born in Odessa, Ukraine, where she studied at the Stolyarsky School, the city’s renowned musical institution. As a student concentrating in piano performance, Diana was the winner of numerous competitions.


For many years she has worked at Roosevelt University, accompanying the university’s vocal students and choir. To this day, Diana performs abundantly as a soloist and a member of various chamber ensembles, in addition to participating in competitions as an accompanist. Diana shares her experience with all of her piano students with great pleasure.

Board Member, Treasurer

Mariya Kalinovskiy

Mariya has a bachelors in Accounting and Management Information Systems from UW Milwaukee, and a CPA certification.  She has been working as a consultant for the last 15 years, implementing ERP systems, doing design and architecture, process improvement, and requirements management.  

In her youth, Mariya has graduated from 7-year music school. She can still read music and transpose it!  She used to play piano and later a guitar, and she loves to sing. These days she doesn't have much time for music as she has three children.  All of her kids take music lessons in some shape of form  - guitar, piano, dance, choir. Mariya's daughter Liora has been singing at Campanella since she was 5 years old. 

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Board Member

Ingrid Armstrong

Ingrid Armstrong was born in England. She has two daughters, one a senior in college and the other is a freshman in high school. Ingrid enjoys going to theatre, loves music, and likes to travel. She has a background in Telecommunications and Human Resources. She considers herself to be an extremely positive and enthusiastic team player.

Ingrid became involved in Campanella in December 2017, when her daughter Maia successfully auditioned for the Concert Choir. Ingrid says: "I do not play an instrument and can barely carry a tune, but I am very fortunate to have a daughter who excels in both!" Ingrid looks forward to making sure that Campanella continues to have a bright future.


Board Member

Julie Yarosh

Julie is a skilled and energetic entrepreneur with a career in Business, Technology and non profit Consulting.  She has learned about Campanella when her daughter joined the choir, and "got hooked". 

Julie says: "Campanella is one of the most incredible organizations I came across.  Doing Business Development for a Choir is almost no different than doing Business Development for a consulting or technology organization. It's just a lot more fun! I am glad I can put the skills I have learned in business to good use." Julie is really passionate about Campanella and absolutely loves helping out! 


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Board Member

Zhenya Korkina, Marketing Support

Zhenya works as a General Manager at one of the CPG companies located in Chicago. She has more than 20+ years of experience working across Financial Services, Retail, and CPG industries. 


Zhenya came to Campanella in 2019, when her daughter started singing at the Prelude Choir ensemble. Zhenya volunteered at Campanella projects, such as concerts, fundraising events, and etc., and enjoyed working with Campanella parents and children.

In March of 2021, Zhenya joined the Board of Directors. Being a professional in marketing, and advertising, she maintains Campanella's website and helps with marketing material and advertising. Zhenya is also responsible for communication with Campanella children and parents. 

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