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Choir Artistic Director Marianna Kosaya

Choir Director

Campanella Founder & Choir Director since 2000

Marianna Kosaya

Marianna Kosaya was born in Kiev, Ukraine. As a child, she sang in the world-renowned Shchedrik children’s choir, which gave her a life-long passion for choral music.


Marianna studied at Kiev State Pedagogical University, graduating with an M.A. in Music Education and Choir Conducting. Upon graduating, she served as an accompanist at the University’s Department of Music. In 1994, Marianna immigrated to the United States, where she continued her music career.


In 2000, Marianna formed a children’s choir (at its inception, a small group of singing toddlers), which was to develop into what today is the Children’s Choir Campanella. Under Marianna’s leadership, the choir has become a competitive ensemble that performs widely throughout Chicago.


Moreover, the choir has inspired the development of the Campanella Children's Educational center, of which Marianna is the Artistic Director. Marianna maintains an active voice and piano studio, and collaborates with a number of Chicago musical ensembles.

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Accompanist Diana Kofman


Diana Kofman

Diana Kofman has been Campanella Choir’s accompanist since 2009. Diana was born in Odessa, Ukraine, where she studied at the Stolyarsky School, the city’s renowned musical institution. As a student concentrating in piano performance, Diana was the winner of numerous competitions.


For many years she has worked at Roosevelt University, accompanying the university’s vocal students and choir. To this day, Diana performs abundantly as a soloist and a member of various chamber ensembles, in addition to participating in competitions as an accompanist. Diana shares her experience with all of her piano students with great pleasure.



Art Class Instructor

Valeriya Lapenko

Valeriya Lapenko was born in Ukraine.  

She is an artist, graphic designer, art teacher, creative thinking, and computer designer.  Therefore, I can invent and create not by "hearsay" but because I have a lot of experience working with this. 

When I share my experience with my students and teach them to draw, imagine, create and invent, I am very happy. 

I started drawing when I was still a little girl, I went to art school, then the State Art Academy.

I worked as a designer, organized my Design Studio "Lapenko" in Ukraine, worked at the Computer Academy, and taught drawing, design, computer design. 

I also participated in advertising exhibitions in Kyiv

(ranked 11th in Ukraine) and became a member of the Union of Advertisers. 

In the USA, I started doing the same, but the idea and goal to teach children to draw and think creatively ignited me more.

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