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Grades 6-12

Instructor: Marianna Kosaya

Choir singing 

Choristers are trained to perform at a professional level. They achieve excellence in musicianship, develop personal character, and gain leadership skills.
Singers perfect their ability to produce a musical phrase, emphasizing vowel production and blend, learn to control and nuance tone quality, and perfect the ability to control breathing when singing complex repertoire. They develop vocal and musical skills through the rehearsal of many different styles of music: classical, world music, gospel, jazz, and improvisation. 
Singers will have an opportunity to participate in the virtual choir project at the end of the semester.


Music Theory and Classical Music Education

This course is designed to help the students study the basic elements of music. Topics include notation, rhythm, scales, key signatures, intervals, chords, beginning level melodic and rhythm dictation, ear-training, and sight-singing skills. The course will also include classical music appreciation and understanding, and studying composers' biographies and the historical contexts in which the music was written.


To keep our students safe and motivated, Campanella brings more options to you that will keep your children both safe and engaged during all our rehearsals. An audition is required for new students for placement. Returning students do not need an audition.


FALL SEMESTER: Week of August 24th, 2021 through the week of January 16th, 2022

No classes: August 31-September 6; November 25 - 28, December 24 to January 3.

SPRING SEMESTER: Week of January 17th, 2022 to the week of June 11th, 2022

No classes: March 21-27, April 21-27, May 28-30

Classes will be held in St. Giles Church. If the weather permits it, classes will be held outside.

  • SATURDAYS 16 weeks + 1 make-up week, 2 hours and 15 minutes
    Outside/Inside in-person: 11:30 - 1:45 PM

  • WEDNESDAYS 16 weeks + 1 make-up week, 30 minutes
    Online Theory of Music and Classical Music Education, small groups of 3-4:
    Group time slots between 5:00 and 8:00 PM
    See the individual time slots for all Concert choir programs here.   ​


Tuition: Fall semester $575, $1035 for full-year (10% percent saved)
*Additionally, 10% off for every sibling you register. 


We're proud to bring a new opportunity for interested concert singers in the form of Acapella Choir. In this choir, singers will focus on performing multi-part pieces of music without ANY accompaniment. Music will range from the renaissance to contemporary music. 

Those interested in becoming part of the Acapella Choir must also be enrolled in the concert choir.


Outside of regular concert choir rehearsals and sessions, Acapella choir students will have rehearsals on

  • Mondays, in-person 7:30 - 8:30 pm

Tuition: $170 for one semester, $306 for a full year (save 10%)

*Additionally, 10% off for every sibling you register.


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Concert Choir, Fall 2021

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