Concert on Sunday, June 12, 1:00 PM


Join us for an end of choir season celebration! Soloists and All Campanella Choirs, will perform folk and contemporary pieces.

We are looking forward to celebrating with you!

Concert Program



Concert on Wednesday, May 25, 8:30 PM
Address: 4544 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 
5.25.22 Concert for Ukraine Poster_WEB.jpg

Concert for Ukraine: A Night of Ukrainian Song and Dance 

Join us for supporting Ukrainian fundraisers by attending a spectacular Ukrainian folk and dance concert.

Concert Choir, Campanella Children's Choir's top choir, will perform Ukrainian folk songs


$25 General Public/ $23 Old Town School Members
Tickets: OldTownSchool.org  

Proceeds from the concert will go to the charities providing humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Concert on Sunday, May 22, 1:00 PM
1000 W Armitage Ave, CHICAGO, IL: East stage



Concert on Saturday, May 21, 6:00 PM
At St. Giles Church, 3025 Walters avenue, Northbrook, IL


Join us for a Spring Time celebration! Soloists and Concert Choir, Campanella Children's Choir's top choir, will perform classical and contemporary pieces.

We will have a special guest, flutist Maria Lys.


We are looking forward to celebrating with you!


Admission is $15 at the door for everyone,

Children from 3 to 12y/o -$10,

Kids under 3y/o -Free.

Proceeds from the concert will go to the charities providing humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Concert on Thursday, April 7, 2022 at 7:00 PM
Address: 3220 Big Tree Lane, Wilmette, Illinois 60091

Concert fundraiser

We Pray and Sing for Ukraine

Join us in support of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and to raise money for humanitarian aid and refugee relief.


Global Prayer for Ukraine filled with love and harmony
April 3, 2022 at 5.00 pm CDT
prayer for peace-1.jpg
prayer-for-peace-22 (1).jpg

Global Prayer for Ukraine filled with love and harmony

Dear Campanellists, 

We, with help of Faithbridge organization, have organized a prayer in support of the people of Ukraine. Faith community will join together on April 3, 2022 at 5.00 pm CDT to pray for the people of Ukraine, for love and harmony. Members of the different faith communities (Jewish, Catholics, Ortodox, Christians, Buddists and all others) will get together at their worship houses to say the same prayer together.


We are inviting our Campanella singers to join us on Sunday, April 3, at 5am  to rehearse and sing the song "For the beauty of the earth" .  We will not make it political and religious, since so much more connects us than divides us. We just want to come together as one, at the same time, for the same cause, sharing the same message of peace. Our unity will bring light in a time of darkness, sending strength and support to those who need it most. We can make miracles happen when we stand together for our future and our children’s future. For love and peace in our shared world. 


Hope to see everyone !

Concert on Sunday, March 13, 2022, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Address: 3433 Walters Avenue, Northbrook Illinois, 60062


Join us, along with our neighbors in the greater Chicago land area, as we gather to sing and pray for peace in Ukraine.

Performing The National Anthem 02.22.2022 at 07:00 PM at Welsh-Ryan Arena
Address: 2705 Ashland Avenue, Evanston, IL 60208

Join the Campanella Children's Choir Friends and Northwestern Basketball as they sing the National Anthem

Reserved seats are AWESOME! You’ll be on TV a lot, so wear Purple if you got it!

For more information about tickets, please contact: Ray Banfield

o: 847-491-2287 ext. 9001 | c: 847-910-7331 | f: 847-491-7886

email: Raymond.Banfield@northwestern.edu | NUSports.com

IMPORTANT: Northwestern requires all visitors and singers to wear a mask and show proof of the vaccination or negative COVID test taken within the last 24 hours. 

Concert on January 15, 06:00 PM at Glencoe Union Church
Address: 263 Park Avenue, Glencoe, IL, 60022
January 15, 2022 Concert.jpg
Concert on September 12, 12:00 PM at Hanry Kalk Park (at the Gazebo)
Address: 260 Park Avenue, Glencoe, IL, 60022

The Winter Bells Concert

Join us to celebrate this wonderful and magical time of the year! Campanella Children's Choir will perform for you holiday songs, arias, and duets from an opera  "Hansel and Gretel," by E. Humperdinck.  


All decorations and costumes are made by our own talented kids! 


We are looking forward to celebrating it together with you!


Artistic Director: Marianna Kosaya

Piano Accompanist: Diana Kofman

IMPORTANT: For the safety of our guests and singers, everybody should wear masks inside


Up above my head, music in the air

Campanella Children’s Choir performs songs from diverse cultures of the world, including Spanish, French, African, American, and Russian songs.


Artistic Director: Marianna Kosaya

Piano Accompanist: Diana Kofman

Guests musicians:

Mikhail Kleinerman (Violin)

Mikhail Sytchev (Guitar)

Gene Nemirovsky (Djembe Drum)

Concert on June 13th, 1:00 PM at Village Green Park  (at the Gazebo)
Address: 1810 Walters Ave, Northbrook, IL 60062

Up above my head, music in the air

Campanella Children’s Choir performs songs from diverse cultures of the world, including Spanish, French, African, American and Russian songs.


Artistic Director: Marianna Kosaya

Piano Accompanist: Diana Kofman

Guests musicians:

Mikhail Kleinerman (Violin)

Mikhail Sytchev (Guitar)

Gene Nemirovsky (Djembe Drum)

12:00 pm, Saturday, January 16th 2021. Lifestreaming
Обложка_постер_1 (1).png


And Fairytale "The Little Mermaid"


January 16th 2021. Lifestreaming at 12PM

In the program pieces of Gabriel Faure, Claude Debussy, Jean Wiener/ Robert Dessons the play

“The Little Mermaid” based on the original story of H. C. Andresen.

Participants: all groups of Campanella Children's Choirs, Soloists and Guests.

12:00 pm, Saturday, June 13th, 2020. Lifestreaming



The Magnificent Voyage
June 13th, 2020. Lifestreaming at 12PM


In the program pieces of classical and contemporary composers, the play: musical story “The Magnificent Voyage” based on the biography of the Austrian composer W.A. Mozart.

Choir Director: Marianna Kosaya

Piano Accompanist: Diana Kofman

Participants: all groups of Campanella Children's Choirs, Soloists and Guests.

6-8:30 pm, Sunday, January 12, 2020 at St. Giles


The Annual Winter Concert

at St. Giles

Participants: Concert, Harmony, Chamber Choirs and...



Campanella families and the whole community are welcome to attend this wonderful show!Spread the word, invite friends!!!

2:00 pm, Sunday, December 22 at Kohl Children's Museum, 2100 Patriot Boulevard, Glenview, IL

The Nutcracker a-Capella

Participants: Campanella A-Capella groups


Arranged, written, and presented by Campanella A-Capella groups.


Young audience is asked to join the singers in percussion instrument play, games, and dance! Come up from your seats, let’s have some Nutcracker fun!

5-7 pm, Saturday, December 14 at St. Giles
Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 5.56.42 PM.png

Winter Magic Concert

at St. Giles

Participants: Beginners, Prelude Choir I, Prelude Choir II, Soloists

Campanella A-Capella groups


"Winter Magic" Performances of Beginners and Prelude I and II Choirs followed by an interactive performance of "Nutcracker" by P.I. Tchaikovsky for the young audience, presented by A-Cappella groups..


Young audience is asked to join the singers in percussion instrument play, games, and dance! Come up from your seats, let’s have some Nutcracker fun!

Tickets online (at the door):
Adult – $15 ($20)
Child 2-12 – $10 ($15)
Senior – $10 ($15)
Children under 2 – FREE
8:00 pm, Thursday, December 12, 2019 at Ivanhoe Club, 28846 N Thorngate Dr, Long Grove, IL

Winter Holiday Concert at Ivanhoe Club

Participants:Concert, Harmony Extended, Chamber Choirs, Soloists


Campanella choir was engaged to perform a holiday program in front of the Ivanhoe Club members at a private holiday event.

4 pm, Sunday, December 8th at Glenview New Church, 74 Park Drive, Glenview, IL 60025
This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

Winter Magic

Participants: Concert Choir, Harmony Choir, Chamber Choir – and Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra

This event is a wonderful opportunity for artistic cooperation between the children's choir and a professional orchestra. 

The influence of singing with a chamber orchestra on the choristers is hard to overestimate. This concert will give a huge boost to children’s artistic growth, self-confidence, classical music appreciation and overall musical experience.

The concert will be centered around the theme of "Winter Magic". It will include Campanella Children's Choir Harmony (Treble), Concert, and Chamber ensembles, and a 12 piece string Orchestra.


The concert will be a mixed minutes program with some pieces from the Orchestra, some pieces from Campanella and some joint pieces.

1:30-3:30 pm, Sunday, November 17th at the Northbrook Court lobby

Community Outreach: Interactive Concert at Northbrook Court

Campanella Concert and Harmony Choirs
Red Campanella T-Shirts


Holiday music program and interactive singing for the youngest audience.
All are welcome, especially families with children!

2-4 pm, Sunday, November 3rd at North Suburban YMCA, 2705 Techny Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062

Celebration of Cultures at North Suburban YMCA

Participants: SOLOISTS of Concert and Harmony (Treble) Choirs


Each year, the Village’s Community Relations Commission (CRC), in partnership with the North Suburban YMCA, hosts a Celebration of Cultures featuring many of the cultures represented in the North Shore.

Campanella is presenting Russian culture at the event. Learn the difference between Santa and Ded Moroz, paint traditional holiday ornament, try Russian gingerbread "pryaniki" and more!

4:30 pm, Sunday, October 27th St. Giles

Hogwarts Halloween at Campanella

Campanella Children's Choir and Educational Center.
And guests!!! Spread the word, invite friends!!!

Halloween costumes! Masks! Wands! Brooms!

Magical Halloween at Campanella

1:30 pm, Sunday, September 1st at Copernicus Center
Taste of Polonia Campanella

Taste of Polonia Festival


Sunday, 9/1/19 at 1:30 to 2:30 at the Theater Stage (inside).

Concert Program: Spin Around the World


Sunday, 9/1/19 at 3.30 to 4 pm at the Kids Stage.

Concert Program: Sound of Music
3:00pm, Friday, July 26th at St. Giles church


At the last day of our terrific 2-week long summer camp, kids present a few scenes from the opera "Brundibar" by Hanes Krasa.

All parents and friends are welcome to the free show.

The art gallery and refreshments are on site.


3:30-7:30pm, Sunday, June 2nd at St. Giles church


We welcome children and adults to the Renaissance Fair at Campanella!

5:00pm, Saturday, May 18th at St. Giles church


Campanella would like to invite you to come see our youngest choir show off their skills at our Spring Concert.

6:00pm, Saturday, May 11th at St. Giles church


We would like to invite all the lovers of Franz Schubert’s music to come to our chamber concert.

6:00pm, Friday, March 15th at St. Giles church

Sarah And the Magic Flute


Campanella invites you to a multimedia musical extravaganza!

Based on the “Magic Flute,” one of Mozart’s most famous operas, and graphics of M.C Escher, the show will be a delight to the senses...

6:00pm, Saturday, January 26th at St. Giles church

Winter Concert

"Spin Around The World"

Campanella Children’s Choir is happy to invite everyone to our annual Winter Concert!


The top choirs of Campanella Children’s Choir will perform folk music of continents around the world: Africa, North America, South America and Europe.




5:00pm, Saturday, December 15th at St. Giles church

Winter Holiday Event for Young Children

Campanella Children’s Choir is happy to invite all children ages 3-8 for our annual Winter Holiday event.


Music, singing, games, and gifts is a perfect combination to begin the holiday season!


2:45pm, Saturday, December 8th at Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Chicago MSI Winter Concert

Once again, Campanella Children’s Choir will be participating in the Cultural Performances program “Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light” at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.


This event celebrates the diversity of ethnic groups that call Chicago and its suburbs their home.



Annual Concert. “For The Beauty Of The Earth”. Saturday, June 2.

Come one, come all to the St.Giles Church to hear our top choirs, Soloists and Guest Musicians. Featuring music from Baroque and Classical periods, folk songs and contemporary pieces.

Artistic Director: Marianna Kosaya
Piano Accompanist: Diana Kofman

Guests musicians:
Natalya Chernysh (violin)
Irene Schweizer (cello)
Mikhail Sytchev (guitar)

Kid’s Yoga and Science Workshop for 6-7 y/o

Children will be introduced to fun facts about the clouds and do series of experiments:

The science class instructor, Alla, will talk about how do clouds stay up, what clouds are made of, how clouds are look like on other planets and more.

Children will look at these types of clouds: cumulus, cirrus, stratus, nimbus, cumulonimbus, and nimbostratus.
They will do an experiment and make the clouds. Kids also will learn about Hydrosphere, phase of water, water circle.The kid’s yoga class will also be connected with the theme about nature, water and fire. This class will also be focused on improvement of the focus, the mindfulness, and a body strength.The workshop will last 2 hours on Saturday, April 7.

Summer Camp “Power Brain Education and Musical Theater”

July 16- 27,
August 6-17.
For children of ages 5-7 y/o, 8-14 y/o

During 2-weeks program children will participate in a special musical theater production.
Children will receive individual and group singing instructions. The children will create the decorations and costumes for the performance.

In addition the children will receive one hour instruction/ training each day.
This training will give students a variety of mind-body exercises to promote focus and memory; confidence and positive attitude; mindfulness and movement; emotional wellness and managing stress and anxiety.


The Winter Concert “Nothing Serious”

The top choirs of Campanella Children’s Choir invites everyone to hear their new performance – “Nothing serious.”

No matter the age, when composers got tired of being serious, they joked around.

And so we, too, decided to joke around a bit, including in our program musical jokes, potpourri and fun songs of all time periods and styles, from Bach to Beatles.

So come and smile with us!

P.S. And of course it will not do without costumes and masks, buzzers, whistles, and guest musicians.


The Sound of Music Concert Order Tickets Online

An All-Choir Campanella Children’s Choir Performance.
Featuring music from Baroque and Romantic periods, folk songs and contemporary pieces.
Artistic Director and Choir conductor:  Marianna Kosaya
Piano Accompanist: Diana Kofman
Violin: Natalia Chersnysh
Cello: Nazgul Bekturova

The Dreams of Robert Desnos

Saturday, May 6, 5:00 PM at St. Giles Church (3025 Walters avenue)

Campanella Children’s Choir (Intermediate level of the  choir), under direction of Marianna Kosaya, will present musical-literary composition based on the poems by French poet Robert Desnos and music by Jean Wiener. Narration by Mikhail Sytchev and musical accompaniment by the Chicago Trio (Diana Kofman (piano), Nataliya Chernysch (violin), Irene Schweizer (cello), stage design and visual support by Irina Ratner and Tanya Ilina.


Fascinating Rhythm

The Campanella Concert Choir would like to present our new program – the “Fascinating Rhythm.” It includes jazz improvisations on well-known pieces, performed by the Jazz Trio –  Nick Tesker (piano), Nick Schneider (Bass), Eric Schneider (Saxophone/Clarinet) – as well as songs from the Sounds of Music, Wicked and My Fair Lady, and masterpieces by George Gershwin. As always, we will have musical accompaniment from Diana Kofman.

The Winter Holiday Concert

Campanella would like to invite all kids and parents to our winter holiday concert.

We will shine the spotlight on Gennadiy Gladkov, a composer behind many timeless songs from Russian movies and cartoons. We will perform songs from “New Year Adventures of Vitya and Masha” and the “Town Musicians of Bremen/”

Our beginning and middle choirs, as well as our soloist, will take part in the concert, accompanied by:

Mikhail Sychev  (acoustic and electric guitar),
Gene Boldetsky (bass guitar)
Mikhail Kleynerman  (violin),
Stepan and Phillip Kruglovs (percussion),
Diana Kofman (piano),
Tanya Ilyana (video)


Medieval Era Fall Party at Campanella

Campanella Educational Center cordially invites all the young ladies and gentlemen of the realm to our Medieval Era Fall Party, which will take place on Sunday, October 30, from 3:00 pm -5:30 pm at St. Giles Church.

It will be a fun, medieval-themed celebration that will delight the children and entertain the adults. The children will:

  1. Create medieval-themed costumes and decorations.

  2. Play musical and active medieval-themed games.

All children are invited to take part in our talent show concert, where any child can put on a medieval-themed performance. They can sing a song, dance, or do acrobatics – and yes, there will be awards.

  1. Sing Medieval songs together and  play percussion instruments and dance.

  2. Enjoy food

  3. Receive prizes and treats.

  4. Participate at the costume contest. The best three Medieval time costumes will receive special prizes.

Masters of Jazz Concert

The Masters of Jazz concert will feature music by Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Bill Evans and Isaak Dunaevsky. It will be performed by Nick Tesker (piano), Nick Schneider (Bass), Eric Schneider (Saxophone/Clarinet) and guitarist Zvonimir Tot. 

Musical Kaleidoscope – Campanella Children’s Choir Concert

A tour through the history of classic European music with the Musical Kaleidoscope. This concert featured three choirs from the Campanella Children’s Choir. The Concert Choir, Treble Choir and Prelude Choir will perform pieces by German, French, English and Italian composers that reach from the Renaissance Era to the dawn of the 20th century.


Music-Literary Composition “The Little Prince”

Music-literary composition based on Saint-Exupery’s “The little prince”. Campanella Children’s Choir invites you to step into the magical world of the Little Prince. Our one of a kind piece blends together music by French composers and the plot of the iconic novella to bring out its timeless themes. Actors (Mikhail Sytchev, Marina Karmanova, Egor Barkidijia) will present the story.

Parisian Salon Concerts at Nortbrook Library.

When: Friday, February 05 at 07:30 PM 
Where: Northbrook Public Library. 1201 Cedar Lane, Northbrook, IL 


American Jazz and Latin-American Music

When: Saturday, January 16 at 07:00 PM 
Where: St. Giles Episcopal Church. 3025 Walters Avenue, Northbrook, IL


Holidays of Light.

When: Sunday, December 20 at 11:45 AM 
Where: The Museum of Science and Industry.
57th Street and Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60637


Winter Concert

When: Saturday, December 12 at 05:00 PM 
Where: St.Giles Church 
3025 Walters Ave., Northbrook, IL 60062


Holiday Concert

When: Tuesday, November 24 at 07:30 PM 
Where: Northminster Presbyterian Church. 2515 Central Park Ave, Evanston, IL 60201


Fall Party "The Little Prince"

When: Saturday, October 24 at 04:30 PM 
Where: St. Giles Church. 3025 Walters Avenue, Northbrook, IL 60564


15th Anniversary Celebration Concerts

When: Saturday, June 06 at 02:05 AM 
Where: St. Giles, 3025 Walters Ave, Northbrook

Recording at WFMT 98.7FM

When: Saturday, May 16 


Festival of Gold

When: Friday, April 24 - Tuesday, April 28 
Where: Washington, DC

Concert at Children's Festival

When: Saturday, April 18 
Where: Salvation Army of Des Plaines


Parisian Nights

When: Friday, February 06 
Where: Northbrook Public Library


Music and Poetry

When: Saturday, January 17 
Where: St. Giles church

Holiday Concert at MSI

When: Sunday, December 21 
Where: Museum of Science and Industry


Winter Concert

When: Saturday, December 20 
Where: St. Giles church


CSO: Pixar in Concert

When: Saturday, November 29 
Where: Chicago Symphony Center