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Campanella Renaissance Fair

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

On June 2nd, Campanella Children's Choir a wonderful event "Renaissance Fair".

Four hours of music, dancing, clay modeling, art projects, art history presentations, games, food and ruffles united with one theme of "Renaissance" had brought a lot of joy and laughter!

It was a huge effort of many people. We are so grateful to all instructors: Tanya Ilina, Anna Gnoenskaya, Tatiana Zimina, Natalia Shor, Zhenya Lev, Anastasiya, Mikhail Sytchev, and Diana Kofman.

Huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers and supporters: Sasha and Dima Shor, Norma Smolin, Ingrid Armstrong, Helen Homenko, Boris Shogan, Tanya Golub, Larisa Messerman, Irina Kuznecova, Ruslan Melnyk.

Very Special thank you to Irina Ratner for her design of whole event.

We are planning to make this wonderful event one of our favorite traditions. Already started planning ahead for our second annual Renaissance Fair. Please contact Campanella if you would like to volunteer or share your ideas for the 2020 Renaissance Fair!

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Unknown member
Aug 04, 2019

It was great, waiting for the next year!

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