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Winter Magic concert series

Great start of the winter, we had three magical concerts within a week! Winter Magic at Campanella has officially started.

On December 8th Campanella's Concert and Harmony choirs presented the new program in collaboration with Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra. It was a new experience for both the choristers and the musicians.

Phil Simmons, the orchestra conductor, says:

Let me say how WONDERFUL the children are! I was thrilled with their performance, dedication, and musical expertise. Let them know that the orchestra and I were quite pleased to make music with them. You, and the Campanella Center are doing a phenomenal job with their music education. I am so glad I could participate with you. ...

I remain inspired by our project and the possibility of ongoing collaboration.

Bravo to the kids, the parents, and all the volunteers!!




On December 12th the Concert choir performed a holiday program in front of members of the Ivanhoe club. A standing ovation at the end of the concert was a nice reward for the singers.


And on December 14th we had another Winter Magic concert, this time "at home", in our dear St. Giles church. The youngest choirs were confident and proud to present wonderful music to the parents and guests. The Beginners were brave and amazing, their singing touched every heart in the audience. The Prelude choirs were artistic and enthusiastic, their clean and gentle voices lead by Marianna took the audience to the wonderful world of Winter Magic.

In the second part of the concert, Campanella a-Cappella groups presented their adaptation of P. I. Tchaikovsky's "the Nutcracker". The narrative of the story and the lyrics for the songs were written by the choristers. Singing, dancing, interactive play with the young audience were absolutely AMAZING! This was the first presentation of the program, and we are going to show it to the young audience at Kohl Children's Museum (12/22), public libraries, and daycare centers.

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